Welcome to Beyond Bronze, Silver and Gold, the documentary series which features the untold stories of Olympic athletes who may not all have been medalists or in the limelight, but have amazing, inspiring and compelling journeys.  Beyond Bronze, Silver and Gold is the only Olympian documentary series produced by an Olympian.

After much 
critical acclaim and recent approval by PBS for nationwide broadcast of the premiere episode, "Conviction - The Steve Genter Story", Beyond Bronze, Silver and Gold, is currently seeking a financial partner for additional series distribution support.  

Beyond Bronze, Silver and Gold would like to thank you and thank all those involved,  for their incredible and loyal support. Citius, Altius, Fortius – Communiter



The Trailers

"Conviction - The Steve Genter Story" - At the 1972 Munich Olympic Games, USA swimmer Steve Genter suffers a devastating injury just six days before his first race.  Can this Olympian summon the fortitude to continue his Olympic dream?

"The Swim - The Gabor Csepregi Story" - Gabor Csepregi represented Canada in three Olympic Games, but the toughest part of his Olympic journey would be trying to escape from behind the Iron Curtain?

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