"The triumph can't be had without the struggle." - Wilma Rudolph

Welcome to Beyond Bronze, Silver and Gold, an Olympian documentary series which brings to the screen the untold stories of Olympic athletes who may not all have been medalists or in the limelight, but have amazing, inspiring and compelling journeys.  These stories encompass both summer and winter

living Olympians and Paralympians, from all Olympic sports and all Olympic countries. 


Production for the first two Beyond Bronze, Silver and Gold stories is complete and "in the can".  The first story, "Conviction - The Steve Genter Story" is wrapping up post production but has already been garnering film festival awards.













A new "Conviction" trailer, along with our older trailers, is below.

We are seeking a distribution platform home for Beyond Bronze, Silver and Gold, as we have many, many more amazing Olympian and Paralympian stories to share with you!


latest news

9/12/2020  Film Festival Selections!

Beyond Bronze, Silver and Gold's first story is now 98% complete and has begun entering film festivals. Honored to have "Conviction - The Steve Genter Story" selected to compete in "Best Shorts Competition" festival and the "Lift Off Film Festival - Los Angeles Edition" festival.


9/7/2019  New Trailer!


8/8/2019  We're On a Podcast!

Episode #97 of the  Olymfever  Podcast  features Beyond Bronze, Silver and Gold.  John was honored and thrilled to spend time chatting Alison and Jill about the docuseries and Olympic history. Give a listen right here olymfever.com


the trailers

"Conviction - The Steve Genter Story" - At the 1972 Munich Olympic Games, USA swimmer Steve Genter suffers a devastating injury just six days before his first race.  Can this Olympian summon the fortitude to continue his Olympic dream?

The Swim- Gabor Csepregi represented Canada in three Olympics but would the toughest part of his

Olympic journey be trying to escape from behind the Iron Curtain?


the CONNECTED series

The CONNECTED series, included within each Beyond Bronze, Silver and Gold episode, is a story of unique Olympian attachment.  Whether a connection with a teammate, an opponent, a coach, a family member, or an everyday person, the stories of these bonds are heartwarming.


Our premier episode of CONNECTED is below.


If you are an Olympian and would like to share your story or the story of a teammate or competitor, we would love to hear from you.  If you know of an Olympian or Paralympian with an inspiring story, we would love to learn more.  


the producer

"I've been an ardent fan of the Olympics since watching the 1968 Mexico City Games on television and viewing the many amazing Bud Greenspan Olympic films. Beyond Bronze, Silver and Gold sprung from a pool deck conversation with a retired USA Olympic swimmer after a tortuous workout. We were chatting about an Olympian we both knew and ended our conversation with "I wondered what ever happened to that guy?"  I thought to myself, "We shouldn't be saying this about this Olympian.  His story is too great!"  It was my aha moment and BBSG was off and running.  I was honored and fortunate to be a member of the Canadian Olympic Water Polo Team in the 1976 Montreal Olympics.  The lasting friendships from my water polo playing days and my newly developed friendships have all been integral in the evolution of Beyond Bronze, Silver and Gold.  I thank you all. As Beyond Bronze, Silver and Gold moves forward in post-production, the goal is to gain distribution.  There are so many wonderful Olympian and Paralympian stories and I would love the opportunity to bring them to you!" - John

John L. MacLeod

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Gabor Csepregi

'72, '76 & '84 Canadian Olympian